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tinxi HC-05 6 pin Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module Serial For Arduino - B01J5CDUK0

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1.PCB Dimensions: 37.3mm (length) * 15.5mm (W)
2. Weight: 3.5g
3. Input voltage: 3.6V - 6V, 7V prohibit over
4. Power anti-reverse, reverse module does not work
5. leads to 6 pin: EN / VCC / GND / RXD / TXD / STATE (Bluetooth status leads to the foot, is not connected to the output low, output high after the connection)
6. En status indicator, LED flash means no Bluetooth connection; LED slow flash indicates into the AT command mode
7. On-board 3.3V regulator chip, the input voltage DC 3.6V-6V; when unpaired, current is about 30mA (because LED lights flashing, the current state of change); After the pairing is successful, the current is about 10mA
8. Level interface 3.3V, you can directly connect a variety of microcontroller (Arduino / 51 / AVR / PIC / ARM / MSP430, etc.), 5V microcontroller can also be directly connected. Directly connected to the microcontroller serial port, you can not go through MAX232 chip!
9. The open area effective transmission distance of 10 meters, over 10 meters are possible, but do not guarantee the quality of the connection
10. After the pairing is successful, can be used as a full-duplex serial interfaces. Do not need to know any of the Bluetooth protocol, but only supports 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity communication format. This is the most common communication format, not support other format!
11. Press the button to give the Bluetooth module is powered up can enter AT mode, set parameters and query information
12. You can switch between master and slave mode via AT commands
13. The module default baud rate is 9600, the default passkey is 1234, the default name for the HC-05

package include:
1x Bluetooth Module

tinxi HC-05 6 pin Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module Serial For Arduino - B01J5CDUK0